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This month’s Alumni in the Spotlight is:

Kathrine Ashley Biles (Ashley Heeter)

Kathrine Ashley Biles (Ashley Heeter)

Kathrine Ashley Biles (Ashley Heeter)

Hidden Valley High School


Western Oregon University

Psychology with minors in American Sign Language and Organizational Leadership


I realized that I did not utilize College Dreams to its fullest potential when I was in high school. For me, just knowing that I had people to support my needs for going to college made me feel very comfortable. Enough so that I could apply for college (I only applied to WOU), fill out my OSAC, FAFSA and other scholarship applications on my own.

   Looking back, I wish I would have taken advantage of our great advisors because they really do care about your success – in whatever way that success looks to you. But, I have had the wonderful opportunity to continue the relationship between myself and my wonderful/amazing/super great/ advisor. And, that has helped me to continue my success in college! That is truly what makes College Dreams so useful for students – mentorships that continue beyond high school.

   What am I doing now and how did College Dreams get me there? Well, I am doing a lot right now, but the most important thing is that I will be graduating Western Oregon University this coming June (2018) - which means I will have graduated with my bachelor’s degree in three years! And, with no debt! (SIDE NOTE: Don’t let money be the reason why you don’t go to college. I am literally getting paid to go to school!) After graduation, I will be going to training for the National Guard to be a Behavioral Health Specialist, then I will be continuing my education at WOU in their master’s for Special Education. But, College Dreams is what got me there! The experience I gained in WOU was because I felt comfortable giving tours and answer college questions for students in this program. Thus, bulking up my resume and helping me get into the graduate program I wanted to be in.

   I truly cannot brag enough about this program and what it has done for me. If you are wondering what College Dreams can do for you… it is whatever you want and need. Then it will continue helping you as you go forward with life. So, make those connections with your mentors, fill out those scholarship applications, get PAID to go to school, change the world.

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