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IDA Program (formerly Dream$avers)

College Dreams IDA Program

College Dreams is awarded “slots” annually as a part of the Oregon Individual Development Account Initiative. This program provides the opportunity for youth and adults to reach their education dreams by matching every dollar saved with another $3 dollars to help fund post-secondary education or job training. Students save up to $3,000, and the program matches it with $9,000!  Imagine how quickly a small monthly deposit can grow! The College Dreams IDA Program will also provide you with training, goal setting and support to help you achieve your savings goal.

College Dreams previously served as a network-partner with NeighborWorks Umpqua to provide the Dream$avers program. In 2013, College Dreams became a direct provider with the Oregon Individual Development Account Initiative to offer Individual Development Accounts (IDA’s).The College Dreams IDA Program serves youth in Douglas, Josephine and Jackson Counties. Priority is given to students currently enrolled in other College Dreams programs, we hold a limited number of accounts for students outside of our programs. We look forward to working with you on developing your savings goal.

Eligibility Requirements:

You may be eligible if you are:

            -12 Years or older

            -An Oregon resident

            -A member of a household that meets the income and net worth limits (found at the bottom of this page)

            -Willing and able to save for a period of 6 months to 36 months

            -On track for post-secondary education or training

-Must be interested in saving go post-secondary education or job training. Savers must plan to maintain residency in Oregon (or for minors who enroll, their household must plan to maintain residency) while both they save and spend their funds. Funds can only be used for the following uses:




                        -Equipment related to being a student (Computer, materials required under a syllabus, ect.)


Based on this information, if you believe that you may be eligible and would like to request additional information, please contact the IDA Program Manager, Quin Collins at 541-276-8146 or

IDA Success Stories

The College Dreams IDA Program has made a difference in the lives of youth in Josephine, Douglas and Jackson Counties helping them to attain their educational goals. Since 2008, the College Dreams IDA Program (and previously our Dream$avers Program) has helped make college possible for over 450 students thus far!

IDA Program Funding

The Individual Development Account (IDA) Initiative is supported by funding from the Oregon IDA Tax Credit. The Oregon IDA Tax Credit allows you to support participants like ours and get back a 75% credit on your State Tax Return. For more information go to http:/// or go to for more information about the IDA Program in your part of the State.

IDA Income and Net Worth Qualifications

Income is determined only at the time of application and is based on the total household income of all members of the household. Adjusted Gross Income is compared to two months of recent paycheck stubs to determine what the current income is for all wage earners in the household. Any other sources of income are added as well to create the total household income.

Income qualifications for the College Dreams IDA Program by household size:

All Counties as of January 28, 2014

1 person family

2 person family

3 person family

4 person family

5 person family

6 person family

7 person family

8 person family










Deschutes County as of January 28, 2014









For households over 8 people, add $8,120 per person to the income limit.

Net worth is also a factor when determining eligibility for the household. Excluding the value of your home if you own it, your most expensive vehicle, and up to $60,000 in retirement savings, your total net worth cannot exceed $20,000. We ask that when reporting these items on your application that you can look up your vehicle values on Kelly Blue book, or a comparable website and report any debts based on your most recent statement from your lending institution.

Similarly we ask that you used your tax assessed value and most recent mortgage statement to report on your home value and debt owed, unless a recent appraisal has been done or another assessment to provide you a different analysis. For all other categories, please report as accurately as possible, using recent statement valances when available. Verification may be asked for if needed.

Program Outcomes

A study of Dreamers and matched comparison students from the high school class of 2005 demonstrated that Dreamers were arrested 74% less often by the end of 10th grade, and dropped out of high school 62% less frequently by the end of 12th grade. Dreamers were more than twice as likely to be a member of the National Honor Society, and to be fully prepared for college admission. Dreamers received four times the amount of scholarship awards at their high school senior awards celebrations.

Our 6 year Alumni college BA/BS degree completion rate is 84%, which is above the national average of 56%, and far exceeds the 30% average for low income, first-generation college students.