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Our Programs

College Incentive Program

Program Overview

Through this evidence-based program, College Dreams enrolls middle and high school students through partnerships with local School Districts with a focus on serving low-income, first generation and underrepresented youth.  Students are served at their middle schools and high schools for five to seven years by highly trained College and Career Preparation Specialists who provide strong support, monitor academic progress, and motivate academic excellence.  Program evaluations show that participants have 60% lower dropout rates, 70% fewer juvenile arrests, and double the rate of academic excellence indicators, in contrast to similar comparison students

Through this program, we provide:

  • A College Preparation Specialist to promote academic excellence and college readiness as well as provide mentoring, skill-building, and counseling
  • College Tours to both public and private Oregon colleges and Universities
  • College awareness and readiness activities
  • Career awareness and experience opportunities
  • Support for access to special camps and pre-college programs
  • Scholarships (starting in 6th grade)
  • Recreational outings
  • Financial education
  • Tutoring
  • Incentives for good grades
  • Community service opportunities
  • Support with financial aid, college applications, and scholarship applications
  • …and more!!

College Dreams operates our core middle and high school programs through our College Incentive Program. In 2011, College Dreams was able to expand our core programs in Josephine County through funding from the Federal TRIO/Talent Search Program. Youth enrolled in College Incentive or Talent Search may also be eligible for the IDA Program or Career Build.

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A study of Dreamers and matched comparison students from the high school class of 2005 demonstrated that Dreamers were arrested 74% less often by the end of 10th grade, and dropped out of high school 62% less frequently by the end of 12th grade. Dreamers were more than twice as likely to be a member of the National Honor Society, and to be fully prepared for college admission. Dreamers received four times the amount of scholarship awards at their high school senior awards celebrations. Our alumni who enter college boast a six-year BA/BS completion rate of 80%, well above the national 55%-60% average for all students, and far above the 11% benchmark for low-income, first-generation students.