The harder I work the luckier I get!


The College Dreams Student Advisory Board is a group of student leaders from our College Dreams community.  They meet monthly to work on projects, raise money for scholarships, provide feedback to College Dreams staff and administration about program quality and content.  They have also served as a focus group for the state wide youth college savings program.  This year, they have raised enough money to award four $100 scholarships.

Congratulations to the 2016-2017 Student Advisory Board!!  Here they are:

  • Breanna Chen (North MS grade 8)
  • Sidney Hill (Grants Pass HS grade 11)
  • Jessica Phung (Grants Pass HS grade 12)
  • Arianna Scott (Fleming MS grade 8)
  • Meagyn Bowyer (South MS, grade8)
  • Elise Kiser (North MS, grade 8)
  • Jayce Jordan (North MS, grade 8)
  • Annabella Eisner (Lorna Byrne MS grade 8)
  • Isabella Idoine (Illinois Valley HS grade 9)
  • Josie Notter (Hidden Valley HS grade 10)
  • Jimmy Bowlouden (Hidden Valley HS grade 12)
  • Sabrina Swartz (South MS, grade 8)
  • Emely Arras (Lincoln Savage grade 6)
  • Zinnia Figueroa (Lincoln Savage grade 6)
  • Ashley Helms (Rogue River MS grade8)
  • Sierra Rich (Illinois Valley HS grade 12)

Let’s see what students are saying about College Dreams!!

"College Dreams provides us with many fun activities and fundraisers that benefit us in the future."

"Very positive environment and works to help you get a college education."

"They helped me out with everything that I needed to apply to college and scholarships."

"The field trips.  The help.  The CCPS's are all amazing!"

"There are so many different opportunities with this program and I felt like I had a shot at each one of them."

"It's fun!!"

"It gave me hope.  It helped me plan my future.  It just helped me a lot, all together."

"Staff are very friendly."

"They kept me focused."

"They are very helpful and incredibly knowledgeable."

"Meeting other people who are in a similar situation as me.  Meetings were often, and there was always someone there to help with lots of information and a positive attitude."

"My mentor is extremely helpful and she is always kind and friendly to us.  I have learned many many things in this program and I love it!"

"I really liked how helpful the program was in informing me of deadlines and pointing me in the right direction."

"The helpful staff and the positive pressure to be responsible."